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Voice Management

Prospective customers and leads call your enterprise on a daily basis ‒ but what may seem like ordinary business calls can reveal a lot about your company’s performance and efficiency.

Capturing voice data is only the beginning. How you use that information can have a profound impact on your company’s success and ability to hone in on its potential.

As Voice Data Management experts, Wilmac can help you capture and gain access to your organization’s voice data and apply it in more ways than one.

Whether you need to utilize data in Analytics, consolidate your existing Voice Management platform, convert old, non-standard audio files, or utilize Search & Replay functions to ensure compliance and drive better employee performance, Wilmac takes a consultative approach to designing and delivering on-premise and cloud-based solutions that work for your company’s immediate and future needs.

Accessing & analyzing your conversations shouldn’t be complicated. Let’s talk more!

Empower your organization

With the versatility of voice management solutions

Voice Management Services ❘ Wilmac, Rochester, NY

One Consolidated Platform

Store & retrieve years of voice recordings with confidence & ease.

Voice Management Services ❘ Wilmac, Rochester, NY

Flexible & Secure Data Extraction

Secure, migrate, & convert your voice data without worry.

Voice Management Services ❘ Wilmac, Rochester, NY

Face Conversion Challenges Head-On

Convert old, proprietary recordings from decommissioned systems & gain valuable insight.

Voice Management Services ❘ Wilmac, Rochester, NY

Successful Compliance

Minimize risk & restore your peace of mind so you can focus on what matters most.

Voice Management Services ❘ Wilmac, Rochester, NY

Capitalize on Search & Replay

Search through thousands of call recordings with customizable criteria & replay conversations to obtain the data you need.

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Voice Data Solutions

Your organization has years of phone calls recorded and archived that can drive actionable insights and help your leaders and employees make informed and powerful decisions.

But navigating years of voice data can be burdensome and inefficient.

At Wilmac, we make it easy to access your voice data and metadata from various cloud-based or on-premise platforms by streamlining it into one, all-encompassing platform.

By providing ongoing services and support and through our partnerships with industry-leading vendors, Wilmac has the expertise to handle all of your Voice Data Management needs with customized, best-of-breed solutions.

Continuity Automated

Many businesses record their telephone traffic to protect themselves from liability, quality assurance, or compliance requirements. Specialized recorders (“voice loggers”) are used to store the large volume of this audio, and popular vendors include NICE, Verint, and other leading manufacturers.

But, voice loggers use their own specialized file formats to store the recordings, and examples include NMF files from NICE and nonstandard WAV files from Verint and others. These formats restrict playback to the original recorder environment and prevent listening with standard software. Your recordings are locked away and difficult to access for third party analytics, e-discovery, or compliance requirements.

Wilmac’s Continuity Automated converts non-standard audio recordings into standard WAV files in real time. Continuity Automated can perform thousands of conversions per day and export the files from your voice logger to any third-party application for analysis of the open-source data.

There are many applications that address the use of structured data sources for business intelligence (email, chat, IM, etc.). However, voice data remains the last frontier of rich data that is largely untapped but contains invaluable insights.  It’s your data, so why not unlock this treasure trove of customer insights to ensure you’re getting the whole picture!

Continuity Replay

Whether you’re storing audio files on a decommissioned recording system or have a multitude of non-standard audio files you’re struggling to convert into WAV files, Wilmac’s Continuity Replay can help. Wilmac performs the extraction and conversion services for the proprietary audio files and associated metadata to export and ingest securely for long term storage.

After this process is complete, our Continuity Replay user interface is a simple-to-use, browser-based application that allows for search and replay of legacy files by customizable metadata criteria (such as timestamp, agent name, call duration, trader ID, etc.). Whatever your regulatory or internal requirements for voice archiving retention, Wilmac can deliver on-prem or in the cloud.

Legacy Voice Management Services

It’s not uncommon for organizations to have large amounts of data archived on tapes, DVD-RAM, or decommissioned recording systems. Unfortunately, accessing this information can be difficult due to degraded or broken tapes, non-functional or outdated recording systems, missing call metadata, and limited Search & Replay function.

With Wilmac’s services, you can convert recordings from the retired system into an accessible, non-proprietary format on your Legacy Voice Management system. We can integrate Continuity Replay within your LVM system for easy Search & Replay on audio recordings going back years or decades.


Wordwatch is a unique portal that draws recording data from multiple call recording systems from multiple vendors (such as Redbox, NICE, and Verint) whether they are legacy, cloud-based, or on-premise. The data is presented in one single portal which allows the user to manage, replay, store, extract, and report on with one ‘single pane of glass’ to access all data.

Wordwatch provides you with significant savings with the removal of support costs of legacy systems and a lower server footprint. It provides the ultimate safety net to ensure compliance across all voice recordings and maintains the ability to playback recordings from legacy systems. Recordings are kept in their original format ensuring their integrity and validity, so compliance teams are able to self-serve across all recordings for litigation hold, extract, reporting, etc.

Access & analyze your conversations. Drive powerful decisions.