Remote Support & Upgrades

Remote Support and Upgrades

For hardware installations or major issues, on-site support can be necessary, and is often the best course of action. But for many basic support issues and routine upgrades, remote support is more than sufficient to address customer needs.

Remote support can address:

  • Software versioning upgrades or updates
  • New software installation
  • Problem identification
  • Basic issue resolution
  • Moves/Adds/Changes (MACs)

Our highly trained and certified Field Service Engineers can, with your permission, remote into your system and perform the necessary work for you.

Because they do not need to some on-site, there are fewer disruptions, response times are quicker, and overall costs of service are reduced. Remote support features many additional benefits:

  • Remote issue resolution is faster than if on-site work is necessary
  • Engineer travel costs are completely eliminated
  • Scheduling is easier
  • Overall system downtime or complications can be reduced
  • Moves/Adds/Changes are quick, easy, and cost effective
  • Updates can be performed on a timely basis

Additionally, Wilmac's remote support services rely on a one-to-one connection secured by SSL encryption to safeguard that all work is performed in the most secure manner possible.

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