Maintenance Programs

Wilmac proudly offers different types of Maintenance Programs based on your individual needs. Each program is fully customizable so as to ensure your greatest ROI.

Wilmac's Maintenance Programs are comprehensive and cover:

  • Service Requests: Priority access to Wilmac's exceptional technical support team, first and second-tier level support for any complex or recurring faults, and software updates to correct any identified software errors
  • Tier 3 and R&D support from the Manufacturer: Available if needed
  • Annual System Health Check: Wilmac will conduct a complementary, proactive System Health Check on an annual basis to ensure that your system is running properly. This includes a detailed and documented inspection of the recording system, including servers, security, databases, licensing, versions, networking, channel lists, user lists, etc.
  • Parts: Available if needed
  • Software Updates: Available if applicable to your system
    • Patches
    • Hot fixes
    • Feature releases

Depending on the type of Call Recording system in your specific environment, Wilmac offers one of the following Maintenance Programs:

Software Maintenance and Support Agreement (SMSA)

The Wilmac Software Maintenance and Support Agreement (SMSA) is designed for solutions that are software based. These solutions require update packs, bug fixes, and patches on a regular basis. Software updates, including patches, hot fixes, and feature releases, are available in your SMSA. On occasion, the entire software will need to be upgraded. This type of agreement takes these factors into consideration and provides ongoing support for your Call Recording software.

Annual Preventative Maintenance Contract (APMC)

The Wilmac Annual Preventative Maintenance Contract (APMC) is designed for legacy recording solutions. These solutions are typically closed systems that no longer receive manufacturer issued software upgrades or updates, but are still fully functional. In many cases, we’re able to support these systems beyond stated End of Life dates.

With discounting available for prepaid, multi-year agreements, Wilmac's SMSA and APMC can help mitigate risks by avoiding lost or incomplete recordings, inaccessible or lost metadata, security breaches, or slow/inoperable systems. Contact us to learn more about Maintenance Program options.

Customized Maintenance Plans

In life and in business, one size does not fit all. For this reason, Wilmac offers customized maintenance plans to address the unique needs and challenges of our customers. We recognize that your day-to-day operations, industry requirements, legal environment, and more all affect your maintenance needs.

Wilmac's Customized Maintenance Plans are:

  • Flexible
  • Industry specific
  • Affordable, with pricing incentives for prepaying or multi-year terms
  • Scalable
  • Designed specifically for your unique environment

We make it a priority to learn what motivates your recording (compliance, quality assurance/improvement, investigative review, etc.) and design a solution based on the factors that are important to you. The entire process is centered on you, the customer, and not on Wilmac.

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