Wilmac's End of Life Policy Offerings

Knowing and understanding all of the End of Life (EOL) dates associated with your system is vitally important in order to establish and implement successful data migration and system upgrade plans. However, migration and upgrades are oftentimes only part of the necessary scope. In many organizations, the recordings archived on EOL systems need to be retained for future access in order to adhere to internal company or external regulatory policies.

Wilmac can help research and provide up-to-date EOL policy information specific to your organization and product. We can assist with the strategic, logistic, and budgetary planning aligned with the applicable dates, and help you proactively implement an action plan to ensure your business operations continue to run smoothly.

This includes ensuring that compliance and IT policy requirements are met and aligned with your organization's protocols. It also encompasses providing viable and cost-effective suggestions to ensure that you meet your long-term retention policy obligations by recommending the best way for you to guarantee the access you may need to your legacy recordings and data.

To discover your system's EOL dates, please contact us. We will ask you some key questions about your system, and based on the information you provide we will provide you with the dates relevant for your solution.

Additionally, with our Legacy Voice Management Assessment, we can also conduct a deeper exploration of your environment, assess your current status (including the people, processes, and technology involved), and recommend management options for legacy data, equipment, and systems.

Learn more about this assessment, Legacy Voice Management in general, or specifics about EOL policies.

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