System Upgrade Planning

As Call Recording systems near the end of their lifecycle and become End of Life (EOL), it is crucial to develop a comprehensive upgrade plan to ensure a smooth transition from old technology to new.

Wilmac supports most legacy equipment and can also provide assistance to develop a system upgrade plan. Key considerations when upgrading your system include:

Compliance Risk and Mitigation – If your old system no longer meet compliance requirements, upgrading is essential to mitigate risk and avoid potentially costly fines and loss of business.

Many federal regulatory and/or internal compliance requirements necessitate that all calls be recorded, retained, and available for future use in transaction/event reconstructions, investigations, or dispute resolution.

Legacy Voice Data Management – Legacy data (audio calls and metadata) may need to be retained, securely stores, and easily assessable. Options for Legacy Voice Management include the data remaining securely stored on the original legacy recording equipment, converted and imported to a browser-based search-and-replay interface such as Wilmac’s Continuity, or converted and migrated into your new system.

These can be complicated tasks, especially when dealing with older equipment. An experienced partner like Wilmac can assist and advise you on your Legacy Voice Management options when upgrading to a new system.

Influence of Internal Policies and Procedures – Every organization has policies and procedures regarding IT management and maintaining recording technology, and it is important to follow these to the letter. Additionally, it is critical you understand how the new system works and what its ongoing administration requirements will be. Wilmac can help you develop a plan to best address the internal changes and facilitate a smooth transition.

Ensuring compliance, maintaining legacy recordings, and preparing your organization for the upgrade can be a daunting task.

Contact us today to learn more about how Wilmac's experienced team can fully support you when it comes time to upgrading your Call Recording solution.

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