Legacy Product Support

The continual evolution of technology is moving so rapidly, that it is nearly impossible for business to keep up. What's more, manufacturers may declare certain products End of Life (EOL) even if their owners are not ready, willing, or able to replace them.

Whether your solution has been discontinued by the manufacturer, has been taken out of active service because a newer solution has come along, or simply is increasing in age, Wilmac's Legacy Product Support can help.

Specifically, Wilmac's Legacy Product Support offerings can help support your aging Call Recording solution. With decades of industry experience, we thoroughly understand the pressure you may be under to maintain solutions for retention or replay functionality. 

  • NICE Interaction Management (NIM) 4.1
  • MIRRA I, II, and IV
  • NICE Call Focus II and III
  • NICE Inform versions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7.1
  • NICE Perform Release 1, 2, 3, 3.1, 3.2, and 3.5
  • NICE Perform eXpress 1.0, 2.1, and 3.0
  • NICE Scenario Replay and LMR
  • NICE 8.7, 8.8, 8.9, and 9.0
  • Knoahsoft Harmony
  • VPI
  • And more

Our Subject Matter Experts are familiar with and have worked on hundreds of Call Recording solutions over the years, many of which are now considered "legacy". We have the knowledge, expertise, and capability to support your old systems, and if necessary, keep them up and running at an optimal level even after the manufacturer has discontinued sales, services, support, spare parts, or updates.

To learn more about Wilmac's Legacy Product Support, contact us today.

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