Voice Data Management

Capturing voice data is an important first step – but what organizations do with that valuable data can have a profound impact on productivity, efficiency, and the bottom line.

  • Extract and use your data in third party applications (analytics, speech to text, etc.)
  • Consolidate your voice data platforms 
  • Ensure compliance with innovative solutions for legacy data 

At Wilmac, we’re experts in voice recording in a multitude of environments. With a vendor agnostic portfolio, we have tools that allow you to gain access to your voice data for any applications regardless of manufacturer.



At Wilmac, we have tools that allow organizations to gain access to their voice data from any system or application – production or retired - regardless of manufacturer or system age. Voice data can be extracted in bulk, or as specified, into an open format.

  • Near real-time extraction allows for the immediate use of data with business intelligence applications
  • Integrate and transfer data into other software solutions – like analytics & speech to text!
  • Consolidate and streamline data from multiple systems
  • Migrate data into a format/platform that allows for better search and replay
  • Securely store data to meet retention and compliance regulations





Over time, companies grow and systems are replaced – which often results in a tangle of technology platforms. Managing and accessing these systems is a real challenge.

Whether to meet compliance requirements or to ease internal technology burdens, consolidating your systems may be the answer.

Regardless of manufacturer or system age, we have the expertise and tools to assist any organization in streamlining their voice data solutions into a single solution.



With the continual changes in technology, many organizations have large amounts of recorded data – usually audio calls and associated metadata – archived on tapes and/or recording systems that have since been decommissioned but require management. We can help.

  • Retrieve and restore voice data from damaged tapes
  • Extract and convert voice data recordings into an open source format
  • Index audio recordings with call metadata
  • Import your legacy data into a storage solution or your current production environment
  • Centralize your recording platforms
  • Securely store data to meet compliance and retention requirements

Legacy Voice Management solutions ensure your organization maintains access to legacy recorded voice calls, even if they are archived on decommissioned recording systems or tapes. From the recovery and conversion of tapes, to exporting and converting updated data, Legacy Voice Management solutions can increase ease of search and replay and safeguard compliance.