Public Safety Storage & Archive Security

When it comes to managing communication data from Voice Recordings and Digital Evidence Management solutions, security is one of the most important concerns. From initial recording of calls through to on-going management of data, all information must be secure, resistant to system failures, and protected against security breaches and loss of records.

Modern Voice Recording solutions and Digital Evidence Management solutions provide the highest level of secure storage and data management:

  • Retention and litigation holds can be set for all storage media
  • Strict user-access profiles are used
  • Strong password policies are enforced
  • System administrators maintain full control recorded calls and associated data
  • Audio files are secure against unauthorized alteration or editing
  • Call data can be archived to any network storage device
  • High-level encryption is available

For the utmost reliability in record management, solutions must also ensure that there is no single point of failure throughout the system. Add built-in resiliency and redundancy features to this and your Voice Recording solution and Digital Evidence Management solution eliminates many opportunities for errors, lost recordings, or system downtime.