Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS)

Automate evidence collection with police Digital Evidence Management Systems and investigation solutions. 

Digital Evidence Management Systems (DEMS) connect directly to your essential systems, automating the collection, storage, and organization of all relevant multimedia data – while eliminating hours of manual work. This streamlined process presents the collected data through one interface, providing a one-stop-shop for evidence gathering.

The context, which so often got lost in translation before, stays with the evidence and helps investigators, prosecutors, and other law enforcement individuals quickly create a 360-degree view of what happened well after the fact.

  • Capture data from multiple interfaces in a single solution
  • Easily search and replay across all connected data sources
  • Play all video and audio files in synchronization
  • See how the incident progressed in chronological order
  • Organize and review incidents in easy-to-search electronic folders
  • Add additional video and audio files from outside sources, including surveillance videos and mobile devices
  • Securely share entire events with parties inside or outside your organization
  • Interface with new capture platforms as they become available

DEMS save time and resources, while significantly increasing efficiency and security. Contact us today to learn more.