Radio Recording - P25 Trunked Radio

As radios have shifted from analog to digital, interoperability between different makes, models, types, and manufacturers has been a concern, especially between different Public Safety departments and agencies.

APCO Project 25 (P25) was a coordinated, collaborative project that established a set of standards for radio systems and platforms. P25 has increased interoperability between products from different vendors and has made it easier for Public Safety agencies to coordinate their various communication solutions.

When properly designed, implemented, and supported, P25 Radio and Voice Recording (two key technologies impacted by these standards), has led to:

  • Reduced costs
  • Increased reliability and availability of radio traffic
  • Guaranteed compliance
  • Seamless interoperability functionality

Trunked Radio Recording allows organizations to securely capture, store, and retrieve voice data transmissions, regardless of radio make, model, manufacturer, or type.

Given the crucial task that is fulfilled by a trunked radio system, it is important that the radio system and Voice Recording system are configured properly to meet your specific organizational needs and goals.

Tags: Compliance Interoperability Public Safety