Red Box Quantify Applications

Extend the functionality of your solution with the following Quantify applications:

  • Quantify Live Acquire: Listen to communications as they happen for analysis and to enable managers and supervisors to provide call handlers with 'real-time' coaching and assistance.
  • Quantify AudioSearch: Quickly and accurately search large volumes of spoken audio content for investigation, dispute resolution, call and transaction validation, and compliance checking.
  • Quantify Event Reconstruct: Quickly reconstruct events from multiple sources to compile evidence for disclosure and compliance. Build a visual timeline of events and replay recordings concurrently.
  • Quantify CallSafe: Lock down important calls to exceed the requirements of a standard retention policy by placing them into network storage, where they are held indefinitely.
  • Quantify QM: Monitor calls to identify trends and the training needs of call handlers. Plus automatically sample calls for assessment and create custom scoring forms based on set evaluation criteria.
  • Quantify Screen Data Capture: Capture the activity of computer screens across your command and control center for Quality Monitoring, call handler performance evaluation, and assessment of training needs.
  • Quantify IQ: Choose from a range of customizable widgets to view a snapshot of local and remote recorder activity, allowing you to monitor performance and pre-empt potential system problems.
  • Quantify Call Management: Intelligently track telephony channels to reduce operational costs, improve employee productivity, monitor network activity, report usage trends and statistics, and optimize network resources.