NICE Inform Features & Functions

NICE Inform for public safety

Inform creates a chronological and complete view of an incident by allowing recordings and third-party voice and video data to be imported into Inform Organizer, where they are synchronized with all incident related video, Voice Recordings, and other multimedia, including:

  • Audio, including trunked and VoIP phone, analog and digital radio
  • Text messages
  • Video, including surveillance footage and body-worn camera video
  • Photos
  • Geographic information systems (GIS)
  • CAD
  • Captured desktop screens
  • PSIM systems information data
  • And more

NICE Inform allows Public Safety organization to:

  • Monitor and verify communications in real time with live monitoring and Recent Call Replay
  • Capture multimedia data including telephone, VoIP, radio, video, screen recordings, text messages, and pictures
  • Allow managers to locate agent knowledge gaps and continually drive quality improvements with Performance Monitoring tools
  • Import data from third-party sources
  • Synchronize all data, both internal and external
  • Create a full, chronological view of an incident using all evidence
  • Securely and logically organize and store data
  • Locate specific data, leading to more informed decision making and streamlined investigations
  • Interoperate easily and securely within an organization and with external agencies
  • Share recorded data via DVD, email, or NICE's innovative, standalone NICE Inform Media Player