NICE Inform Applications

NICE Inform Applications

Real-Time Decision Support

  • Inform Monitor provides near real-time monitoring of multiple channels simultaneously, and its Recent Recall Replay (RCR) feature automatically replays the last call on a selected channel.
  • Inform Verify allows the user to replay the last recordings over a pre-defined search period.

Information Management and Synchronization

  • Inform Reconstruction synchronizes and puts into context isolated information from multiple channels, recreating who did what, when, and where during an incident.
  • Inform Organizer stores collected content, including third-party files, in central, secure folders with instant, web-based access for authorized reviewers. It ensures accuracy, authenticity, and integrity of data while maintaining chain of custody.

Performance Management

  • Inform Evaluator enables evaluation of everything from a single interaction to complex incidents involving multiple channels, interactions, and people. It helps Emergency Communication Centers to evaluate and improve their incident response performance by identifying performance issues, knowledge gaps, and compliance violations.
  • Inform Reporter enables Emergency Centers to monitor and improve long-term performance via a series of pre-defined, chart-based customizable call volume and evaluation reports.

Multichannel Information Capture and Integration

  • NICE Recording logs 9-1-1 calls, radio calls, VoIP calls, videos, screen recordings, computer-aided dispatch (CAD), locations from geographic information systems (GIS) and text to 9-1-1 and integrates with other sources such as CCTV video or body-worn camera video.


  • Inform Audio Analytics enables users to quickly find calls by searching for spoken words within recorded audio and automatically groups calls into user-defined categories based on identified key words.