iRecord Cloud

  • Cost – Cloud storage is much more cost efficient compared to traditional backup and storage methods.
  • Invisibility – Cloud storage is invisible with no physical presence which frees up valuable space in server areas.
  • Automation – Online storage services make the tedious process of backing up easy to accomplish through secure online vitalization.
  • Accessibility – Access your recordings from any Internet connection via mobile browser or work computer.
  • Sharing and Collaboration – Easily share recordings with just a few clicks.
  • Protection – Cloud storage adds another layer of protection for irreplaceable evidence. Backup recordings are stored in a secure location that is physically removed from other storage devices.
  • Recovery – Cloud storage provides backups of all original recordings, so you can restore them with zero downtime.
  • CJIS Compliant – iRecord Cloud Technology is built around the CJIS compliant cloud that meets all requirements for federal, state, and local governments.