Public Safety Systems Monitoring

Public Safety Systems Monitoring

To help ensure that all mission-critical systems are functioning optimally, Public Safety Systems Monitoring solutions can remotely monitor all technical components in an environment, and can provide real-time alerts if a problem occurs.

With Public Safety Systems Monitoring, systems administrators can be assured that:

  • All voice communications are being captured according to policy
  • Routine tasks are performed on schedule
  • Updates, upgrades, system patches, and hot fixes are applied in a timely manner
  • All IT systems, regardless of manufacturer or product type, are being monitored for optimal application performance
  • System failure, error, or downtime is reported immediately

If a problem is identified, many issues can be resolved remotely, and if it cannot, Wilmac is always available to come on-site to perform any service and support needed.

We understand that Emergency Communication Center IT systems must work, and must work well. With Public Safety Systems Monitoring, Wilmac can support you by providing monitoring and management solutions that far exceed traditional SNMP.

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