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Speech Analytics - public safety

In Emergency Contact Centers, call takers and dispatchers are under immense pressure due to the nature of the emergency situation; there is no room for error. It is crucial to verify adherence to protocol to ensure the best possible outcome, but without a way to analyze the content of those calls, it can be difficult to gather insight for investigation, quality improvement, and risk mitigation.

Speech Analytics is a powerful tool that can:

  • Analyze recorded calls using a word discovery engine
  • Search for a specific word or phrase
  • Categorize calls by type
  • Quickly locate calls based on content

Speech Analytics is powered by speech indexing, which analyzes recorded calls using a word discovery engine that identifies all possible matches and provides a confidence level for each match. Indexing all possible matches increases the likelihood that all instances of the target word are captured, even when audio quality is degraded due to background noise or other factors.

Speech Analytics allows Emergency Communication Centers to:

  • Improve call-taker and dispatcher performance
  • Review the handling of calls to identify best practices and knowledge gaps
  • Mitigate risk
  • Ensure compliance and adherence to protocol
  • Improve investigations
  • Enable users to quickly find calls based on words, sounds, or phrases
  • Identify trends based on time, location, activity, and more

To learn more about Speech Analytics, please view our webinar entitled Understanding Speech Analytics.

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