Publishing & Sharing

Publishing & Sharing - Public Safety

After incident information – voice calls, radio traffic, video, pictures, and other digital data – is captured, collated, and organized, the information needs to be exportable for secure distribution.

These exported data folders can have tremendous value for:

  • Investigators
  • Prosecutors
  • District Attorneys
  • News/media representatives
  • Government bodies
  • Other interested parties

Sharing complete incident recreations with all necessary multiformat data files included saves a significant amount of time and money; different departments, agencies, and individuals no longer have to work in siloed information bubbles. True knowledge sharing bring context back to the chaos of digital evidence, breaks down information silos and overall makes it easier than ever for public safety and legal officials to do their jobs.

Digital Evidence Management solutions allow authorized users to:

  • Securely share entire events with parties inside or outside your organization without directly affecting original recordings
  • Export entire incident folders (with all relevant data)
  • Understand context without having access to original data files
  • Send files with a self-contained media player
  • Keep exported folders secure with encryption and password protection
  • Redact sensitive audio segments prior to export, while preserving the integrity of originals
  • Burn the records onto CD or DVD media (burning software is built-in for convenience)

By sharing incident information between disparate parties, all concerned individuals can fully understand the context of an event, without having direct access to the original Voice Recordings and data files.