Performance Management

In Emergency Communication Centers, every interaction is truly mission critical. To meet the incredibly high demands, emergency call takers and dispatchers must:

  • Adhere to quality standards
  • Be knowledgeable and efficient
  • Remain calm and collected even in the most strenuous situations

Supervisors and administrators need to be able to evaluate call taker and dispatcher performance on a regular basis and in a standardize format.

Performance Management solutions provide in-depth evaluations of everything that occurs in an Emergency Communication Center, from a single interaction to complex incidents involving multiple channels, interactions, and people.

Performance Management tools helps Emergency Communication Centers evaluate and improve their incident response performance by identifying individual and group:

  • Performance issues
  • Knowledge gaps
  • Compliance violations
  • Best practices
  • Exemplary service

When used regularly and according to official standards, Performance Management solutions can allow administrators to:

  • Aggregate performance data
  • Derive actionable insights from various sources
  • Automate processes for improved accuracy and efficiency
  • Provide focused coaching and training
  • Foster a culture of performance accountability
  • Simplify repeated processes
  • Drive individual agent performance
  • Track and report short and long-term performance

Interested to begin evaluating agent performance, but don't know where to begin? Modern Performance Management solutions support APCO International and NENA-created standards that were designed specifically for PSAPs and Emergency Communication Centers.

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