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Empower your infrastructure for Next Generation 9-1-1.

Public Safety

When each second is critical, your public safety center needs to effectively respond & communicate across any & all wireless channels.

As a partner with the world’s top Public Safety Recording vendors, Wilmac is equipping and empowering public safety centers with robust, best-of-breed Next Generation 9-1-1 technology and Incident Intelligence solutions.

With our knowledge and expertise in the rapidly changing public safety ecosystem, we’re ready to consult one-on-one and pinpoint where your public safety center stands ‒ and where it falls short of protecting the greater community. Our goal is to customize robust solutions that will elevate your PSAP and establish it as a reliable and resilient intelligence center.

Upgrade the solutions in your mission-critical environment today.

Reliable & resilient recording & incident intelligence…

Because your PSAP is a lifeline.

Public Safety Services ❘ Wilmac, Rochester, NY


Identify outdated PSAP recording processes & futureproof your Emergency Communications by integrating NG9-1-1 technology & solutions.
Public Safety Services ❘ Wilmac, Rochester, NY


Capture your mission-critical audio & multimedia data with Audio, Screen, Text-to-911, & other Wireless Recording sources.
Public Safety Services ❘ Wilmac, Rochester, NY


Record incidents in their entirety, ensure your voice data is easily accessible for investigations, & securely archive historical data after a retention period expires.
Public Safety Services ❘ Wilmac, Rochester, NY

Search & Replay

Reconstruct incidents in detail, unravel valuable data, & share information with prosecutors, law enforcement, and the public ‒ efficiently & accurately.

Public Safety Services ❘ Wilmac, Rochester, NY

Manage & Assess

Fulfill your mission-critical needs & make informed decisions that enhance your PSAP’s emergency response & minimize employee turnover rate.
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Public Safety Solutions

Public safety is rapidly changing, and emergency communication centers need to be able to make the right decisions in an instant.

Are your multimedia channels ready to respond to an overwhelming amount of data and help your dispatchers and first responders take the appropriate action? Does your organization have a mission-critical infrastructure that’s unified to improve safety and streamline your operations? Are you able to gather all multichannel evidence and provide an objective, chronological view of an incident?

Wilmac is ready to empower your PSAP’s existing infrastructure and bring order to the chaos of digital evidence by customizing and integrating Recording and Incident Intelligence solutions that are designed specifically for your community’s emergency needs.

Because Wilmac provides ongoing services and support, your emergency communication center will always be ready to handle the next challenge and reliably serve and protect the greater community.

NICE Inform

Next Generation 911, Text-to-911, Public Safety LTE, increasing citizen needs and expectations, and new QA/QI standards are all dramatically changing the Public Safety communications landscape. That’s why NICE is reinventing recording – to help you improve your PSAP operations today while also preparing for the future. 

The revolutionary NICE Inform captures and analyzes all your communications to put recording to work for you. Powered by CAD Incident Analytics, NICE Inform lets you use CAD data to instantly find all 911, radio, and text calls associated with incidents for investigations and perform Quality Assurance (QA) evaluations in half the time. 

Say goodbye to waiting days or weeks for manual reports and make smarter decisions faster using Inform Elite’s Incident Intelligence Dashboards. See your performance metrics and identify issues earlier so you can meet your performance targets and improve your emergency response.

Multichannel Information Capture & Integration

Emergency data comes in various formats. With Multichannel Information Capture solutions, you can future-proof your PSAP operations in the NG9-1-1 ecosystem, reconstruct incidents, and record, store, and replay data from all mission-critical communications:

  • 911 / NG911 calls (legacy CAMA / NG911 SIP Trunking)
  • Radio transmissions (P25 IP Logging, Conventional Analog, & Console-based)
  • VoIP calls (Voice over IP)
  • Text messages
  • Videos
  • Computer-aided dispatch (CAD)
  • Locations from geographic information systems (GIS)
  • Captured desktop screens

Integration solutions fuse this data with other sources, such as CCTV video and body-worn camera video. These systems must function together seamlessly, or else risk system downtime, operational failures, and loss of recordings or evidence.

Wilmac specializes in Systems Integrations and is available to help ensure that the different systems, makes, models, versions, and types of technology in your public safety environment work in unison.

We can also integrate advanced 9-1-1 recording software to streamline your analytics, reduce the need for manual data compilation, and drive the insight you need to optimize your PSAP’s performance.

Quality Assurance

In public safety, there is little room for error. Emergency contact centers are under immense pressure to deliver the right action and adhere to protocol. Quality assurance (QA) helps public safety centers gain valuable insight and drive better PSAP performance by identifying, evaluating, and mitigating knowledge gaps, weaknesses, and compliance violations in incident responses.

How does Quality Assurance work? The QA module is built within the same recording and reconstruction infrastructure. This way, accessing and evaluating incident data is streamlined and maintains consistency and objectivity throughout both processes.

The QA module also generates detailed reports that measure individual and company-wide performance. With these reports, you can identify where you need to train and develop your staff and ultimately drive better performance and minimize turnover in the long run. You can also customize your evaluation forms within the QA module to address your changing needs and performance goals, all while adhering to APCO/NENA QA/QI, IAE, and CALEA Standards.


A critical component of public safety is the ability to assemble, debrief, and distribute information in an efficient manner. NICE Inform Organizer is a unique incident management application that makes it easier to collect, organize, and share multimedia content for investigations while protecting chain of custody.

Within this central repository of incident records, including audio, video, SMS text messages, screen recordings, geographic information (GIS), notes, and more, complete incident reconstruction can be achieved. Entire incident folders can be exported safely and securely to District Attorneys and investigators as encrypted, password-protected files with a self-contained media player. They can also be exported for use by other agencies and incident information can be imported directly into your incident folders.

Instead of burning and carry CDs and DVDs to collaborate and share evidence, reconstruction is securely streamlined to result in a single source of truth for your organization.

CAD Incident Analysis

Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) Incident Analytics reduces the time it takes to reconstruct an incident. From the initial 9-1-1 call and dispatching of units to the arrival and on-scene response of emergency personnel, CAD Incident Analytics automates and synchronizes every event within an incident. CAD systems also capture all call, radio, and text recordings, pinpointing their locations on an interactive geographic map, as well as the time critical decisions were made.

Accessing, replaying, and sharing CAD incident data is fast, accurate, and streamlined. With the availability of this information, PSAP’s can improve their agility, enhance dispatcher performance and productivity, capture critical opportunities, and improve emergency response time.

Real-Time Decision Support

Real-time monitoring streamlines access to recent or live 9-1-1 calls with rewind and fast-forward features, even while an incident is still occurring and dispatchers are on the line with callers. PSAPs can monitor, replay, and annotate live audio from multiple recording channels.

Powered by NICE INFORM

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Next Generation 9-1-1 is here.

It’s time to empower your mission-critical environment.

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