System Health Check

Wilmac's System Health Checks were designed to ensure that recording systems are running properly, all potential issues are proactively identified and remedied, and that solutions are being used to their fullest potential.

There are many benefits of performing a System Health Check:

  • Eliminates risk of impending system failure
  • Provides hands-on advice on system usage
  • Delivers guidance on best-practice methods of record recovery
  • Provides expert recommendations for possible enhancements

Every comprehensive System Health Check is performed by an experienced, factory-trained Professional Services team member and includes an Audit and Assessment and a Comprehensive Health Check. Additionally, if we uncover training needs during the health check, Consultative Training Sessions are available.

The Audit and Assessment includes a detailed and well-documented inspection of the recording system, servers, security, databases, licensing, versions, network, channels, and users.

In the Comprehensive Health Check, our factory-trained Services Engineers will run a detailed and exhaustive battery of tests to determine the overall health of the recording system. We check windows logs, recording system logs, database sizes, and archive storage sizes to look for current or potential issues. The Comprehensive Health Check also includes quality checks on all channels, functionality tests, identification and resolution for minor equipment issues, action plans initiated for major faults, and a full report detailing all learnings, discoveries, and suggestions for optimization.

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