Technology Integrations

The abundance of technological solutions available continues to grow, especially in business environments. Often, you will find different brands, makes, and models of common technology. The various communication technologies available – phones, radios, trading turrets, etc. – are as varied as the locations that use them.

As a niche technology, it's important to entrust the integration of Communication Recording systems to subject matter experts. We can integrate recording with many different systems, and most commonly do so with:

  • Telephone systems
  • Mobile
  • Unified Communications (Skype for Business, Cisco Jabber)
  • Turrets
  • Radio
  • CRM

Wilmac specializes in systems integrations and is available to help make sure that the different systems, makes, models, versions, and types of technology in your business environment work together seamlessly. Our Integration Services can help you feel confident that all your technology integrates together flawlessly so you can get the greatest return upon your investment.

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