Business Continuity Planning

Having a well-developed, sustainable, and cost-effective Business Continuity Plan is vitally important in the event of a disaster or disruptive event. To ensure that critical functions are always available and catastrophic losses or increased risk exposure are avoided, Wilmac can assist with developing a Business Continuity plan that meets the three critical components:

Resiliency: Voice Recording solutions can be engineered with resilient features that render them unaffected by most interruptions.

  • While most large systems have traditionally deployed resilient designs, it is now surprisingly affordable for organizations of all sizes, thanks in large part to cloud-based solutions.
  • Systems can be designed to offer anything from basic recording resiliency, to full recording, database, and application resiliency.
  • Resiliency can also take a layered approach, from something as simple as redundant power supplies and UPS, to fully redundant recording platforms and applications.

Recovery: Plans must exist to recover data and restore system functionality. These plans include archiving data and backup methodologies, among others. Wilmac can help develop, evaluate, and/or implement recovery plans on any scale, to provide peace of mind that your data is safe.

Redundancy: If Resiliency and Recovery arrangements prove inadequate or impractical, redundancy plans serve as the ultimate back-up plan. In some situations, secondary sites deploy a standby system in a secondary location in case the primary data center fails.

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