Value Added Services for Recording Solutions

January 28, 2016

Compliance Recording can be a challenge for financial organizations of all sizes. Solutions have simultaneously become more crucial for compliance and more complex in terms of design and upkeep.

Watch our webinar on Value Added Services for Compliance Recording to learn more about our customizable solutions to many common problems:

  • System Design & Configuration Consulting
  • How to Manage Legacy Systems & Data
  • Enhanced Managed Services – Remote Monitoring, Retention Programs for Retired Assets, and more.

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Managed Services for Call Recording

June 25, 2015

Without proper proactive management, customer service and support, call recording users risk losing recordings making them subject to litigation, fines, and complaints that result in tangible loss.

Recent studies have found that fines and litigation costs currently exceed $1 billion annually, and further compliance and new regulations are expected to double over the next 3 years.

Building on our strong foundation of exceptional professional services, we’ve developed Enhanced Services to comprehensively address all potential support needs of call recording users. These customized add-on services protect customers from potential fines and litigation: Remote Monitoring via our Network Operations Center, Managed Administrative Support Services, Custom System Routines, Intelligent Automated Routines, Operational Assessments, and Functional Integrity Checks.

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