About the Wilmac Partner Program

Customers' expectations are changing, including their changing demands from their IP/PBX providers. The Wilmac Partner Program gives you everything you need to keep your customers satisfied, all while adding to your revenues and margins. We provide extensive resources and support to differentiate your business from others and increase your profitability with our industry-leading solutions and proven methodology.

As a partner, we add tremendous value by combining our technology expertise along with exceptional service to design, plan, and deploy sophisticated solutions to meet the technical and business needs of your customers.

Vendor Agnostic

We have the most comprehensive product suite to ensure that your customers will find a solution to most any application they have. You don't have to be tied to a single manufacturer. Rather, a wide range of best-of-breed Voice Recording solutions, with full factory-certified support and service, are available to guarantee the best fit for every opportunity.

Practice Groups

We have Subject Matter Experts in our niche technology of Voice Recording for three primary practice groups: Contact Centers, Financial Compliance, and Public Safety and Security environments. These experts are completely focused on the requirements and issues that your customers face on a daily basis. No matter what industry the customer is in, we have the specialized knowledge and the broad product suite to address every single application.

Outsourcing Services

We will work directly with the Voice Recording manufacturer, with whom we have well-established relationships. For Partners, this alleviates significant stress and ensures technical accuracy, while providing an excellent end product for the customer. In addition, it eliminates the need to invest heavily in internal training and resources.

Consulting Services and Free Assessments

Operational Assessment – designed to analyze the efficiency of the current forecasting and scheduling of human assets in a Contact Center or back office

Contact Center Assessment – a thorough review of existing quality programs in relation to the balance of people, processes, and technology

Remote Functional Integrity Check – assess and score the current Voice Recording system in key functional areas to troubleshoot and identify gaps for possible improvement

Value-Added Service Offerings

Regardless of when or from whom you or your customer purchased the system, our team of certified Field Service Engineers offer various value-added service options to enhance your recording environment in whatever capacity you need. These services include Staff Augmentation, System Health Checks, Remote Monitoring, and more. Even if your staff is engaged with a current user of Voice Recording technology, these services are available to stabilize and improve those deployments in existing environments.

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