Partner Program

Wilmac Partner Program

The Wilmac Partner Program was created to help our partners address the growing need for Communication Recording solutions amongst their customers. Many companies face compliance requirements, liability issues, and demands for better customer service – and turn to their existing solution and service providers for support.

As Subject Matter Experts in your own field, it can be difficult to capitalize on recording inquires. The Wilmac Partner Program fosters a non-competitive, mutually beneficial relationship in which our combined offerings provide customers with the best solutions for their environments. Without investing in more resources, participants in the WPP generate additional revenue by increasing sales with minimal effort.

  • Represents a low/no touch model that increases and protects revenue and market share in the highly competitive IP/PBX market
  • Offers flexibility and support above and beyond any manufacturer’s capabilities
  • Provides a higher revenue share for you, including recurring support revenue
  • Affords access to pre- and post-sales support that will meet and exceed your customers' highest expectations
  • Features a vendor-agnostic sales approach that offers the most comprehensive product suite to ensure that your customers can find the solution for any related application
  • Is divided into specialized practice groups that provide the highest level of subject matter expertise no matter your customer’s vertical market
  • Allows you access to specialized knowledge and a broad product suite to address every single application within our three vertical markets
  • Presents Managed Service offerings which will allow us to help you stabilize an existing environment that may be having issues with their current deployment

As a Wilmac Partner, you are able to develop a competitive advantage and a stronger value proposition to your prospects and customers. This can help you garner new business and protect your existing footprint.

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