Quality Monitoring

The Contact Center is a key customer touchpoint that can greatly affect a customer's perception of a company and in turn, influence loyalty to that company. It is of utmost importance to ensure that high-quality service is provided to each customer.

Quality Monitoring (QM) tools and solutions allow you to maximize the value of customer interactions by:

  • Analyzing each interaction and tracking them against business goals
  • Gathering meaningful and actionable insights
  • Designing custom coaching and training programs to improve agent behavior

Unfortunately, many Contact Centers under utilize their QM solutions. The traditional quality-check method of evaluating calls at random allows many issues to go unnoticed.

With today's comprehensive Quality Monitoring solutions, a more encompassing view of service quality is available, and in turn, organizations can improve customer service and grow their overall bottom line.

Quality Monitoring solutions have the ability to:

  • Monitor all channels, including voice, email, and chat
  • Customize KPIs to track based on specific business goals
  • Automatically provide notification of problematic calls
  • Identify issues in real time
  • Drill down to specific quality breaches that impact KPIs
  • Monitor and identify quality trends using flexible reporting applications

The impact of formal QM programs is tremendous:

  • Increased first-call resolution
  • Improved staff performance
  • Increased agent retention
  • Reduced handling time
  • Increased frequency of cross-selling and up-selling
  • Increased overall bottom line

Older QM approaches only analyzed a small segment of customer interactions, thus limiting their effectiveness and operational performance. Newer solutions allow users to improve call evaluation techniques with quick and easy reports, as well as efficiently develop training and coaching programs tailored to results or issues discovered, making it easier for managers to motivate, evaluate, correct, encourage, and support their staff.

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