Customer interactions create plenty of data, and that data is filled with insights waiting to be discovered.

Customer analytics technologies help you know what customers want, need, think, and feel, and what your company or brand can do about it.

Wilmac offers a wide range of cross-channel interaction analytics tools that, when coupled with powerful predictive analytics and machine-learning technologies, can help you truly understand your customers.

  • Speech Analytics: Picks up on key words, analyzes emotions, and discovers important customer issues using the actual voice of the customer
  • Customer Experience Analytics: Analyzes customer channels, touchpoints, and interactions to understand the reason for every contact; uncovers behavioral patterns, predict needs, and personalizes interactions in real time
  • Text Analytics: Uses natural language processing and statistical models to analyze all text channels, including email, social media, chat, and transcripts of customer conversations
  • Desktop Analytics: Tracks the applications, screens, and functions agents use to identify knowledge and compliance gaps
  • Voice Biometrics: Uses more than 100 physical and behavioral factors – including pronunciation, emphasis, speech rate, accent, and the unique physical traits of the vocal track – to verify in real time that the person calling really is who they claim to be
  • Predictive Analytics: Analyzes the behavior of the entire customer population as a whole and creates statistical models to help understand and make predictions about each individual

No matter how your customers engage with you – by phone, email, chat, mobile apps, or social media – every interaction creates valuable data that can be leveraged to increase customer satisfaction and decrease operational costs.