Red Box Recorders Quantify

Quantify Recording Suite from Red Box Recorders is a comprehensive software-based data and Voice Recording solution designed to capture front and back-office communications across an organization, including fixed-lines, mobile phones, radios, and trading turrets/dealerboards. Quantify is compatible with BT, IPC, Speakerbus, IP Trade, IPFX, and Etrali turrets.

Quantify provides:

  • A software-based solution that needs no additional hardware
  • Scalable architecture
  • Seamless integration with established telephony, turrets, and Unified Communications
  • An intuitive, easy-to-use, web-based interface
  • Search and replay functionality with a built-in media player and easy export options
  • Built-in assurance of regulatory compliance, including Dodd-Frank
  • 24/7 system health checking
  • Desktop screen recording
  • Quality Management tools, including live monitoring and audio analytics

Red Box's Quantify Recording Suite plays a vital role in enabling organizations to record, search and replay telephone conversations and other communications for fact verification, investigation of business activities and Quality Monitoring.

Extend the functionality of your solution with the following Quantify applications:

  • Quantify Event Reconstruct recreates events as they happened
  • Quantity CallSafe preserves and protects important recordings
  • Quantify AudioSearch quickly searches the content of recordings
  • Quantify IQ features customizable that allow you to monitor performance and spot unusual behavior

Red Box Recorder's Quantify Recording Suite: Voice and data recording for investment banks, brokers, traders, and alternative investment funds.

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