Nxtera Automation - Retrieve

Retrieve ensures reputation and risk management through advanced, automated data retrieval.

Retrieve allows any recorded data, whether recent or legacy, to be retrieved in a readable, compliant format for investigative purposes. It is a vendor-independent solution, so regardless of Voice Recording solution, Retrieve can access the audio and associated metadata.


  • Extracts calls from legacy tapes or disks into a highly secure, digitally signed, auditable open standards customer database
  • Utilizes existing hardware with no fear of tapes being lost or damaged in transit
  • Metadata is retained for orphaned calls
  • Custodian retrieval can extract specific users and ranges
  • Legacy retrieval is device agnostic and can extract from tape libraries
  • Exponentially reduced extraction times,
  • Greater accuracy of information collected,
  • Fully auditable and lawfully defensible