NICE Trade Surveillance

NICE Trade Surveillance solutions – a component of Holistic Surveillance –  allow firms to efficiently manage and monitor trading activities for:

  • Market manipulation
  • Market abuse
  • Fraud
  • Business conduct standards violations
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Behavioral patterning

NICE Trade Surveillance solutions allow firms to meet global regulatory requirements by providing comprehensive risk controls to detect anomalous and non-compliant activities, while providing comprehensive compliance coverage across asset classes, markets, and global regulations.

NICE Trade Surveillance allows your financial service organization to:

  • Adhere to global regulatory requirements
  • Gain cross-asset, cross-market coverage
  • Effectively and proactively meet global regulatory requirements
  • Focus analysts and supervisors on the highest risk activities
  • View intuitive alerts and interactive graphical displays
  • Reduce time spent accessing multiple systems
  • Reduce the cost of maintaining redundant data warehouses

NICE Trade Surveillance: Manage and monitor trade activities for manipulation, fraud, and behavioral patterning.