NICE Holistic Surveillance

NICE Holistic Surveillance combines two solutions – NICE Communication Surveillance and NICE Trade Surveillance – to create a unified approach that provides the fastest, most precise identification and mitigation of compliance risk.

The NICE Holistic Surveillance solution provides a flexible framework for risk management that captures, aggregates, cleanses, structures, standardizes, enriches, and manages data from multiple, disparate data sources.

Benefits of Holistic Surveillance include:

  • Holistic data collection and analysis
  • Analytics capabilities to uncover insights and understanding
  • Data is not siloed
  • Data is comprehensive, inclusive, with no missing pieces
  • Greater understanding of the connection between trades, events, and communications
  • Identification and reduction of business risk

NICE Holistic Surveillance: Learn what you don’t know; knowing where the blanks are is the first step to filling them in.