NICE Compass

Available as part of NICE Trading Recording (NTR), NICE Compass is a new application for that provides tools to check the health of the recording environment in real time to ensure 100% compliance.

Compass provides:

  • Real-time visibility of recording events and usage        
  • Reporting functionality        
  • Open-access to system data via an API
  • Flexible data integrations

With larger centralization and greater demands, organizations can no longer rely on traditional manual models of managing Compliance Recording systems. Financial service organizations must know the up-to-the-minute status of their Compliance Recording. Compass provides this assurance for NICE Trading Recording (NTR) with:

  • Real-time visibility that checks the health of the recording system as it occurs
  • Extensive reporting functionality to prove who and what is being recorded
  • Tracked exceptions that quickly detect problems with recording before they happen

NICE Compass: Compliance assurance for NICE Trading Recording (NTR).