Wordwatch is a multi-vendor centralized voice recording replay portal, designed to ingest, store, and retrieve data quickly. Designed as a powerful playback portal, Wordwatch provides a single user interface to search, replay, manage and extract recordings from all voice recording systems, whether they are legacy, or live, on-premise or in the cloud.

With Wordwatch, an organization can significantly reduce the costs associated with maintaining legacy call recording systems as they go out of support along with the supporting operating systems, database servers, and hardware on which they are hosted. Even if an organization decides to procure a new recording solution after the deployment of Wordwatch, the multi -vendor portal can easily integrate into the new system making it a truly future-proof investment. 

  • Reduces cost of legacy support
  • Lower server footprint
  • Single view of multiple systems means easier and faster call retrieval
  • Recordings remain on NAS and SAN in line with your storage policy

WordWatch allows you to consolidate your voice recording data from a single point of access.

  • A single pane of glass across multi-vendor capture solutions giving you one access point for all your data
  • Intuitive UI giving you the ability to efficiently search for calls
  • Extract and replay calls from any vendor capture solution, be it legacy, live, mobile or any other
  • Bulk export functionality automates extraction schedules from your systems to provide data near real-time to any analytical or trade reconstruction tools
  • Centralized control over all of your data with functionality including Litigation Holds, Compliance Exports, and Policy Administration
  • Advanced reporting/BI to help you identify trends and patterns across all data sets
  • Safeguard your legacy data and remove the risk of any legacy hardware maintained on your estate
  • Flexible and future proof to connect to future capture engines. Allows you to use ‘best of breed’ technologies as your capture requirements become more complex