NICE Voice Legacy Solutions

Audio Examiner

NICE Audio Examiner is a unique and fully compliant solution that converts audio cassette tapes to digital formats for online storage and retrieval. With Audio Examiner, Voice Recordings from tapes are converted into the same format as current digital recordings. The result is a faster retrieval process for historical calls, satisfying the demands of any compliance investigations.

  • Forensically examines each tape for the number of "audio segments"
  • Writes these segments to long-term storage
  • Provides evidence of the success or failure to extract each segment of data

As part of the tape migration service, Audio Examiner imports the information extracted from the tape to the new recorder database.


Extraction Toolkit

The NICE Perform Extraction toolkit is a customized solution which exports interaction data from NICE Perform. It allows you to define extraction rules based on metadata within NICE Perform, and create schedules to execute rules. The Extraction toolkit will export your data outside of the NICE Perform environment to anywhere on  your network or local storage.

  • Can be configured to run automatically.
  • Can export unlimited number of calls.
  • Export in WAV, ASF, or NMF file formats.
  • Can compress WAV files to 8-bit or 16-bit to conserve space.
  • Extracted WAV or ASF files can be played in any standard media player (such as Windows media Player).
  • Extract interactions from logger, Storage Center, or Centera.
  • Extracted media is unencrypted.
  • Export meta Data with your media.



Designed to facilitate smooth upgrades to the NICE Engage Platform, Playback Portal provides a single, straightforward point of access - from within Engage itself - to recorded interactions from multiple legacy systems. Users can query and playback both historical calls and their latest interactions, seamlessly and coherently. There is no longer a need to migrate databases or alter outdated solutions to communicate with one another, dramatically cutting the time and complexity of an upgrade to NICE Engage.

The NICE Playback Portal replaces complex standard upgrade and consolidation with transparent and instant historical continuity. Each database imported into the Playback Portal is quickly and easily configured for interaction with Engage. From that point on, the database can be queried and recordings can be played from the Playback Portal tab in the Engage Platform as easily as in the legacy environment.

  • SPEED - NICE Playback Portal installation and configuration is simple, quick and easy. Legacy databases are not migrated, so you can perform upgrades or consolidation without any downtime and during normal working hours.
  • TRANSPARENCY - Full transparency between source databases and the target platform provides fast and direct access to historical recordings from within the Playback Portal interface. For research or consumer compliance queries, for example, the results are clear and always available.
  • SIMPLICITY - NICE Playback Portal is an integral part of an upgrade to the Engage Platform, providing a simple solution to incorporating legacy recordings. Long after the upgrade, the Playback Portal continues to be an easy-to-use single access point for all legacy and current recordings.
  • SCALABILITY - access to up to 30 legacy databases. Databases can be added at once or incorporated gradually. With Playback Portal managing the consolidated legacy databases, the source systems can be decommissioned completely.