The Cognia Unified Communications archive simplifies monitoring, storing, and analyzing conversations across multiple media, including:

  • Mobile voice
  • Text (SMS and MMS)
  • Landline (fixed-line calls via TDM and VOIP)
  • Video
  • Skype
  • Email
  • Social media messaging

The Cognia Unified Communications archive provides:

  • One platform for all locations and all media
  • Recording across multiple channels, operators and territories
  • Global unified control, local autonomy
  • Reliable security, resilience and scalability
  • Built-in speech analytics and search tools
  • Simple, flexible, cloud deployment
  • Mobile benefits including:
    • No impact on the user experience
    • Ability to run on the network and existing SIM
    • Integrations with existing contractual agreements

Cognia helps Financial Compliance institutions large and small with communications compliance, surveillance, and risk management, across a wide range of communication channels.

Cognia Unified Communications Archive: A global platform for recording, storing, and analyzing voice, video, and text communications.