Compliance Trading Recording

Since the 1980s, trading turrets (also known as dealerboards) have been one of the most important pieces of communication technology for traders. Turrets allow traders to:

  • Prioritize incoming/outgoing calls from clients and counterparties
  • Make direct connections with a push of a button

Turrets serve an important function for traders, and, to meet compliance requirements, should be paired with a reliable Compliance Recording system that captures, stores, and manages all calls and associated metadata.

When captured fully and stored securely, recorded data can be used to:

  • Reconstruct transactions, trades, swaps, and/or business deals
  • Fulfill official compliance requests
  • Process audit requests and evidence of action/inaction
  • Adhere to internal rules, in addition to local, state, and federal regulations

Wilmac’s Financial Compliance Subject Matter Experts understand the highly regulated and nuanced nature of Compliance Trading Recording and are available to help you create a comprehensive turret recording solution that will best serve your trading floor, bank, or other financial service institution.

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