Forecasting & Scheduling

Contact Center leaders worldwide have long depended upon the robust capabilities of Workforce Management (WFM) to:

  • Accurately forecast contact volumes
  • Efficiently schedule agent resources
  • Proactively and flexibly manage intraday change

As customers reach out to Contact Centers in new and expanding ways, it become more important than ever that forecasting is accurate and based on reliable data.

Applications within WFM solutions make scheduling easier than ever as well. With greater control over their own schedules, agents can:

  • Communicate their scheduling preferences
  • Bid on shifts
  • Receive personalized shift recommendations
  • Swap/trade approved shifts
  • Request earlier/later start times
  • Access preferential scheduling options as a result of better performance

These options lead to increased employee satisfaction and reduced turn over, and since the average cost of hiring and training a new agent is estimated to be approximately $6,000, retaining good employees can save a significant amount of money for the company.