Coaching & Training

Effective coaching and training are critical to agent development.

However, in many busy Contact Centers, 'training' often gets reduced to simple scorekeeping; supervisors and managers gather metrics, share them with employees, and ask for better performance, without giving the agents the tools, resources, knowledge, and support they need to improve.

True coaching and training requires organizations to coach to behaviors rather than metrics. For example, telling an employee to improve their Customer Satisfaction score by 5 points is very different from helping that agent show more empathy early in an interaction.

Modern coaching and training applications can:

  • Assign customized training materials to agents or groups based on performance or role
  • Provide custom dashboards
  • Support a variety of training material formats (videos, recordings, documents, slide shows, etc.)
  • Track completed assignments and evaluation reviews
  • Allow for completed evaluations to be emailed directly to agents
  • Let agents challenge their evaluations with a QM dispute feature
  • Live video monitor multiple screens simultaneously to locate agents needing assistance

When coaching and training programs are implemented properly, your Contact Center can:

  • Quickly develop and retain highly skilled and motivated agents
  • Easily assess agent skill sets and identify opportunities for training
  • Promote self-improvement by providing agents with access to information from recordings and QM evaluations

With the proper tools, resources, and guidance, supervisors and agents can perform their best.