Call Recording

The voice of the customer is one of the most powerful and underutilized resources available to an organization, especially now that customers are more informed and socially connected ever before.

Voice calls are still the preferred communication method when customers seek problem resolution from their favorite companies. According to New Voice Media, 59% agreed that calling is their preferred form of communication with a business, and 75% considered it to be the most effective channel for a quick response.

Modern Call Recording solutions leverage the voice of the customer by capturing, storing, retrieving, and analyzing the interactions between customers and Contact Center agents.

Phone conversations are recorded, and can be used to:

  • Verify information
  • Eliminate ‘he said, she said’ scenarios between agents and customers
  • Satisfy compliance requirements
  • Protect against liabilities
  • Engage in advanced Quality Monitoring (QM) programs
  • Promote Quality Assurance
  • Mine recorded data for trending, analysis, and evaluation purposes
  • Ensure standardization and coordination of organizational processes
  • Optimize customer service
  • Improve agent and back-office employee behavior and proficiency
  • Gain insight into customer interactions, sentiments, and trends

Modern Call Recording solutions feature a number of applications that allow your organization to capitalize on customer interactions by using actual customer dialogue for:

  • Quality Monitoring (QM)
  • Speech Analytics
  • Performance Management
  • Real-Time Solutions
  • Unified Communications

By listening to the actual voice of the customer, your Contact Center can increase customer service standards and learn what your customers are really think and feel about your brand and products.

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