Real-Time Authentication & Fraud

Typically, when customers call a Contact Center, they're bombarded with authentication questions (maiden name, account number, birthday, etc.) This is a time consuming and often frustrating process for the customer – authenticating can take up to 25% of the entire call! However, having a weak authentication process exposes organizations to major risk. 

Real-Time Authentication and Fraud uses Voice Biometrics to provide strong authentication, while improving the customer experience. 

Within the first few seconds of the call, Voice Biometrics automatically analyzes the voice print of the caller and compare it to the database, where it then confirms or denies authentication of the account owner. If authenticated, the caller is able to proceed with the purpose of the call.

Real-Time Authentication and Fraud ensures:

  • Faster and more secure authentication
  • Fraud is identified promptly
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Improved customer contact experience

Voice Biometrics analyses the physical (vocal tract, mouth shape and size, nasal passages) and behavioral (pronunciation, emphasis, speed of speech, accents) factors which combine to produce a unique and independent voice print.

Together with Real-Time Authentication and Fraud, Voice Biometrics can significantly improve the customer identification process for both the customer and the agent.

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