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Many, if not all of the Contact Center's processes can be optimized, leading to an increase in customer satisfaction and decrease of operational inefficiencies. The Real-Time Solutions suite of applications addresses many of the challenges Contact Centers face by providing real-time guidance and automation.

In real time, agents have access to a wide range of features:

  • Ability to receive personalized step-by-step guidance
  • Can ask dynamic questions and receive contextual guidance
  • View data pulled from desktop and remote applications
  • Issue alerts or disclaimers as needed

On-screen callouts are provided, giving agents access to applications, relevant information regarding the current transaction, and/or links to the appropriate source of data – all of which are defined by your organization’s specific needs.

Complex processes can be handled with ease and in a consistent manner. This leads to improved customer experience, as customers receive immediate attention to the actual purpose of their call.

The actual handling of the call is efficient and swift. Errors and the subsequent related expenses are reduced. The average handle time decreases, leading to an increase in the number of customers helped. Operational efficiencies are improved by identifying low performers and providing them with live training and coaching.

The four processes of the Real-Time Solution suite are:

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