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Red Box Quantify Recording Suite helps Contact Centers improve service quality, optimize operational performance, and quickly resolve disputes. Quantify is a comprehensive software solution that records, analyses, and stores communications for Workforce Optimization, incident reconstruction, and compliance.

Quantify offers valuable insight into what customers think about your company, products, and services by enabling your organization to:

  • Identify ways to reduce average call handling time
  • Improve first call resolutions (FCR)
  • Swiftly investigate complaints and resolve disputes
  • Enable training and coaching needs
  • Provide an overview of customer interactions and trends

Benefits of Red Box Quantify include:

  • A software-based solution that needs no additional hardware
  • Virtual deployment options
  • Up to 1000 concurrent channels of mixed telephony per server deployment
  • Flexible API for integration with well-known CRM systems
  • Applications for Workforce Optimization and event reconstruction
  • Call and screen suppression for PCI-DSS compliance
  • Scalable architecture
  • Seamless integration with established telephony systems
  • An intuitive, easy-to-use, web-based interface
  • Search and replay functionality with a built-in media player and easy export options
  • Compatibility with cloud-based services for Mobile Recording 

Quantify is compatible with telephony systems from major technology vendors including Mitel, Cisco, and Avaya, and can record mixed communication types such as TDM, IP, VoIP, SIP, H323, and Analog.

Extend the functionality of your solution with the following Quantify applications:

  • Quantify Live Acquire: Listen to communications as they happen for analysis and to enable managers and supervisors to provide call handlers with ‘real-time’ coaching and assistance.
  • Quantify AudioSearch: Quickly and accurately search large volumes of spoken audio content for investigation, dispute resolution, call and transaction validation, and compliance checking.
  • Quantify QM: Monitor calls to identify trends and the training needs of call handlers. Plus automatically sample calls for assessment and create custom scoring forms based on set evaluation criteria.
  • Quantify Screen Data Capture: Capture the activity of computer screens across your command and control center for Quality Monitoring, call handler performance evaluation, and assessment of training needs.
  • Quantify PCI Suppression: Comply with PCI-DSS security standards through automatic or manual suppression of customer card payment details from audio and screen recordings.
  • Quantify Event Reconstruct: Quickly reconstruct events from multiple sources to compile evidence for disclosure and compliance. Build a visual timeline of events and replay recordings concurrently.
  • Quantify CallSafe: Lock down important calls to exceed the requirements of a standard retention policy by placing them into network storage, where they are held indefinitely.
  • Quantify Call Management: Intelligently track telephony channels to reduce operational costs, improve employee productivity, monitor network activity, report usage trends and statistics, and optimize network resources.
  • Quantify IQ: Choose from a range of customizable widgets to view a snapshot of local and remote recorder activity, allowing you to monitor performance and pre-empt potential system problems.

About Red Box

Red Box Recorders is a leading provider of communication recording solutions that store, retrieve, and analyze voice, IM, video, and other data for policy and legal compliance, fact verification, business investigation, and Quality Monitoring. Red Box Recorders serves the needs of Contact Centers, financial service institutions, Public Safety organizations, and governments

With over 20 years in the industry, Red Box is committed to continuous research and development and has forged a reputation for developing unique, high-quality software. Red Box designs its solutions in-house to be scalable for businesses of all sizes, and flexible to respond to evolving regulations, challenges, and needs.

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