Knoahsoft Harmony

The KnoahSoft Harmony Recorder module is a Call Recording software solution designed for enterprises that record for compliance and business security. Harmony offers scalable, flexible, and affordable capabilities that handle inbound and outbound recording for both voice and non-voice interactions.

Harmony's recording capabilities seamlessly scale and integrate with Contact Centers that already have IP-based, hybrid, or TDM telephony in their existing infrastructure. Furthermore, Harmony interfaces with PBX or desktop applications and is flexible enough to be deployed in a variety of configurations. KnoahSoft's Harmony product suite offers a variety of solutions including Call Recording, Quality Management, analytics, surveying capabilities, and Workforce Management.

As of April, 2015, communications technology provider Avaya purchased KnoahSoft. Wilmac's ability to support Harmony continues even though the product is no longer available for sale.

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