Performance Management

A typical Contact Center faces three common priorities:

  • Provide excellent customer experience
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Reduce overall operational costs

The most efficient way to succeed at these goals is to improve agent behavior and performance. Performance Management (PM) solutions can help achieve these objectives by:

  • Aggregating data from multiple systems across an organization
  • Providing data-driven insights
  • Providing targeting coaching that focuses on the right people and topics
  • Tracking the impact of each coaching session
  • Motivating agents with gamification
  • Providing instant visibility with supervisor and agent dashboards
  • Improving overall transparency
  • Aligning goals across the organization

The less time supervisors spend collecting and searching for meaning in recorded data, the more time they can spend coaching agents and improving Contact Center behavior and performance.

To do this, PM solutions combine powerful analytics, planning, and reporting tools to optimize Performance Management processes. Optimization of processes and agent performance can lead to improved customer satisfaction scores (CSATs) and reduced Contact Center operational costs.

When PM solutions are implemented properly, managers and employees are empowered to take proactive steps in their daily work lives.

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