Unified Communications

When employees in your Contact Center interact with clients, customers, and coworkers, they use a variety of communication technology:

  • Desk or landline phones
  • Mobile phones for voice calls or texts
  • Skype for Business for chat, video conferencing, or VoIP phone calls
  • Email
  • All of the above

As these communication channels continue to increase in number, there is also an increasing need to seamlessly record these interactions, regardless of channel type.

Unified Communications platforms, like Microsoft's Skype for Business and Cisco's Jabber, provides online meetings, messaging, calls, and video in one easy-to-use integrated platform. To address collecting, archiving, and analyzing data from these various channels, recording solutions are available that integrate seamlessly with these systems.

New recording solutions for Skype for Business facilitate the automated capture and retention of all of the communication channels involved, including:

  • Chat/Instant Messaging (IM)
  • PowerPoint collaboration
  • Screen sharing
  • Conference bridge
  • Video conference bridge
  • Phone calls from your computer
  • Collaboration tools such as whiteboard, polls, Q&A, etc.

Additionally, thanks to advanced search functionality, all data is quickly and easily retrievable. It is also possible that you can seamlessly record Skype for Business and Jabber interactions with the same reliable recording system you already have and trust.