Microsoft Teams Recording

Microsoft Teams brings great value to Financial Institutions and Contact Centers with their ability to support multi-channel communications in one unified platform. Teams provides organizations with office flexibility, improved collaboration, and increased productivity with advanced communication interactions like voice, chat, screen sharing, and more. 

Microsoft has worked closely with leading recording manufacturers to provide complete capture solutions. All communication modalities embedded in Microsoft Teams can now be recorded, archived, and retained - ensuring complete compliance. 


One Place for All Communications


Leading recording solutions actively integrated with Microsoft Teams unified communications platform. 

offers active recording for unified communications - for greater resiliency, functionality and flexibility. Active recording is more suitable (than passive recording) for highly regulated environments, and for many reasons. First of all, it’s infinitely more challenging to achieve resilience (through a dual data center implementation) with passive recording, and harder to detect recording lapses, because you never really know if a recorder simply isn’t working, or there’s no audio to record. Additionally, passive recording systems are more difficult to configure and maintain, which means higher overheard for you and more work for your technicians. Active recording, on the other hand, overcomes these limitations by enabling faster deployment, simplified set-up, centralized administration, fool-proof fault monitoring, and seamless geographic resiliency


Whether communications are done via turrets, mobile phones, PBX desk phones, or unified communication platforms (like MS Teams), the NICE Trading Recording (NTR) solution provides the highest levels of recording resiliency with "2N Resilient Recording": parallel, redundant recording on two separate systems. There’s never a gap in recording should one system fail, and everything is recorded and archived in duplicate. Also "Geographic Redundancy" is possible, where 2N configuration provides the added benefit of geographic redundancy. And the "High Availability Recording" feature ensures high availability with server pooling. Pools at one data center can serve as backups for servers at a different data center. If one pool goes down, the other pool of servers provides service to users at both sites. Similarly, in a geographically redundant set up, NTR works in concert with MS Teams to ensure no disruption to recording.

One Solution for All Recording

An existing NICE Trading Recording (NTR) solution can be easily expanded with MS Teams recording. It’s as easy as adding channels or users to an existing NTR system. No additional hardware or software is needed. For organizations migrating from Skype for Business to Teams, or for those adding on new modalities like video, the migration path is plug and play. This ensures seamless recording of regulated users on the modalities they prefer and a painless migration.



Recording Microsoft Teams - Complete Compliance Assurance

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