Cloud Recording

Many of our everyday business and personal solutions and applications are hosted in the cloud. This increasing trend has affected recording and archiving; Call Recording solutions can now be hosted in the cloud.

As with all hosted solutions, data is stored on a secure network of remote servers that are maintained by the service provider instead of by your internal IT team, with little or no on-site physical equipment to manage.

Moving to a hosted solution offers many benefits:

  • Administration, service, and support is handled by the service provider
  • Most or all physical equipment requirements are eliminated, including storage or servers
  • All features and functions are accessible via the internet
  • Easily increase or decrease licenses to adjust for seasonality or variable staffing needs

When managed properly, your hosted cloud solution will always be up-to-date with patches and bug fixes, and all maintenance needs will be handled.

Hosted solutions are a great option for environments of all sizes, in all industries, and especially for those with crucial Call Recording systems.

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