Real-Time Solutions for Back Office

In many Contact Centers, back-office interactions and processes are treated as an afterthought; more time and attention is placed on the customer-facing agents. This attitude can have substantial risk to your operations.

Many solutions from the Real-Time solutions portfolio can help improve processes, visibility, and overall productivity for both front and back-office employees.

  • Real-Time Activity Monitoring (RTAM)
    • Monitors all back-office tasks and activity
    • Improves visibility of back-office employees
    • Motivates employees to spend their workdays on activities that are productive
  • Real-Time Process Optimization (RTPO)
    • Provides real-time next-best-action recommendations
    • Automates many manual desktop activities
    • Eliminates repetitive actions
    • Facilitates complex business processes
    • Increases productivity
    • Eliminate errors
  • Robotic Automation
    • Enables simple but time-consuming tasks to be automated end-to-end
    • Takes entire tasks away from the back-office agent and automates them completely

Real-Time Solutions aren’t just for customer-facing agents; many processes and actions can be improved by RTAM, RTPO, Robotic Automation, and other Real-Time Solutions.

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