Contact Center Back-Office Recording

The agents answering incoming calls have direct public interaction, and are often treated as if they are the Contact Center itself. While they do play a crucial role, they do not do it alone; back-office employees are also essential for the successful operations of a Contact Center.

In fact, in many centers there are more employees in the back office than in the front, possibly as many as two and a half times more.

Despite this high number, back-office employees often get ignored in the overall scheme of operations:

  • Supervisors and managers have little or no oversight into their daily activities
  • Most Contact Centers (~90%) measure quality for phone interactions, but less than 2/5 (37.3%) measure back-office quality
  • Front and back office function as independent 'silos'

In order to seamlessly facilitate customer interactions across a number of channels, back-office personnel must be awarded the same level of oversight as front-office staff.

Modern Call Recording and Workforce Management (WFM) solutions can help ensure that:

  • There are the correct number of back-office employees scheduled at the right time
  • Back-office employees are performing at the high standard you expect
  • Their significant responsibilities are being met

Whether your back-office employees are working on order fulfillment, accounting, or any other step in the process, their interactions should be captured and analyzed, just the same as front-office agents.

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