Back-Office Recording

Compliance necessitates that all communications, regardless of whether they occur on the trading floor or in the back office, be recorded, stored, and quickly retrievable.

Older recording systems tend to focus entirely on trading turret (dealerboard) recording; modern recording solutions can record both front and back-office communications in one integrated system and features functionality that older systems did not possess.

Back-Office Recording solutions are:

  • Flexible and scalable
  • Suitable for any business size or organizational type
  • Developed to adhere to regulatory compliance requirements
  • Secure and reliable with extensive, multi-level security features
  • Able to record both front (turret) and back-office communications with a single integrated system

With an integrated recording solution, your back-office communications – including voice calls, Skype for Business communications, chat, IM, and email – can all be captured, aggregated, managed, and stored in one unified system.

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